I am a living in Toronto.


Hi there! My name is Rocco Marinaccio and I am a Product Designer based in Toronto, Canada.

I have a passion for creating beautiful web and mobile experiences. Inspired by Dieter Rams and Jony Ive, I strive to achieve simplicity in design. I'm not just talking about a visual style, although simple designs tend to be more aesthetically pleasing. I am referring to how things works.

As human beings, we have a natural tendency to drift toward complexity because it is easy to add more. But ornamentation can be overwhelming. When design is simple, its purpose is intuitive and people tend to react positively when things are clear and understandable. It makes us feel at ease. With fewer distractions you can concentrate on what is essential like the typography, content and imagery. This is how I view things, and I design and develop with these principles in mind.


To create the layout and structure for your content I use HTML5. This lays the ground work for any web projects.


Creating beautiful interfaces and experiences wouldn't be possible without the magic of CSS. It allows me to create visually appealing designs, invoke animation and ensure they are responsive, working seamlessly across devices.

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JavaScript allows me to bring your site to life and make it interactive. For instance, the smooth scroll applied once a navigation link is clicked was coded using jQuery, a library of JavaScript.


Designing with a mobile-first approach in mind is essential to my creative process. Why? This ensure’s your site or app looks and feels great across all of your devices.

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When crafting web and mobile interfaces, I turn to Sketch for design. Sketch is a vector-based workflow app that should be an essential tool for all modern designers.


A great asset to acquire as a front-end developer is the ability to integrate your code with server-side code. That's why I learned Ruby and one of the most popular web application frameworks - Ruby on Rails.

Twins Talent Agency Desktop


Stanford University Product Challenge


Mobile Prototype


I created a mobile app prototype called VideoHire that would provide a personal and seamless way to apply for local jobs through video, bringing job profiles to life.


UX/UI designer and product manager

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VideoHire Dancing iPhone Screens


Seamus Morrison



Link to Seamus Morrison


A personal branding and product website for Seamus Morrison, a friend who wrote and launched his book on iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indigo and in Chapters Stores.


Front-end developer and designer

Moqups UX/UI HTML5 CCS3 JavaScript AWS Copywriter
Seamus Morrison Devices




Web Application


Foobli was an online platform that better prepared post-secondary students for the real world by progressing the development of their soft skills. This was accomplished through the facilitation of peer reviews on students' performance in academic team projects.


Co-Founder, front-end developer and designer

Moqups UX/UI HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery Ruby on Rails
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